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Pop-Ups at Deep Roots Harvest – February 2019

Every month we host some of our favorite Cannabis brands at our Mesquite dispensary. If you’ve wanted to try some new Marijuana products, stop by and take advantage of the in-store specials they offer Deep Roots Harvest customers on their scheduled days in February. Be sure to check back every month to see which different […]

Lil Sebastian

What is Lil Sebastian? Lil Sebastian is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between the indica Casper OG and hybrid Fruity Pebbles OG or FPOG. The buds grow large with light, minty green coloration and purple-hued trichomes. Its aroma is citrusy and sweet while the flavor adds earthiness to the experience.    […]

Lemon Skunk

What is Lemon Skunk? Lemon Skunk has a skunky, citrus flavor that draws you in immediately. Lemon Skunk Effects Lemon Skunk gives you a happy, energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk.  

Layer Cake

What is Layer Cake? Layer Cake is an Indica Hybrid made by swamp boys seeds     Layer Cake Genetics Genetics are Wedding Cake x GMO/TK Skunk  

Kosher Tangie

What is Kosher Tangie? Kosher Tangie, an indica-dominant hybrid that takes the musky pine aroma of Kosher Kush and crosses it with the sweet tangerine notes of Tangie. Kosher Tangie Effects The combination of indica and sativa genetics provide balanced effects that calm the body and lift your mood. Aroma & Flavor Kosher Tangie has […]

Fortune Cookies

What is Fortune Cookies? Fortune Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain that is a potent mix of earthy, honeyed flavors. Fortune Cookies Effects   Aroma & Flavor   Fortune Cookies Genetics  

Gorilla Goo

What is Gorilla Goo? The effects of this strain are deep enough to slow you down from a busy fast-paced day, but keeps you up enough to enjoy it as well. Gorilla Goo Effects   Aroma & Flavor   Gorilla Goo Genetics  

Durban Cookies

What is Durban Cookies? This sweet tasting strain is an excellent choice for pain relief and provides the user with a strong sense of euphoria. Durban Cookies Effects   Aroma & Flavor   Durban Cookies Genetics  

Cookies and Cream

What is Cookies and Cream? This sweet tasting strain is an excellent choice for pain relief and provides the user with a strong sense of euphoria. Cookies and Cream Effects   Aroma & Flavor   Cookies and Cream Genetics  

Bubba Gum Kush

What is Bubba Gum Kush? From the head to toe, muscles ease with heaviness as dreamy euphoria blankets the mind, crushing stress while coercing happy moods. Bubba Gum Kush Effects   Aroma & Flavor Spicy, with notes of piney vegetation, and soil — it has hints of sweetness from the LVPK as well. Piney sweetness with […]