Firebird, a new brand of infused pre-rolls created to elevate the pre-roll experience above the ordinary.

Rising from the ashes... FireBird Infused Prerolls!

Now available at all Deep Roots Harvest locations statewide, Firebird provides an adventurous new option for both connoisseurs and casual consumers that is a cut above the typical pre-roll.

Sometimes a ‘normal’ pre-roll just won’t do if you are a regular consumer or someone seeking a little something extra.  Firebird kicks the pre-roll experience up a notch, adding a touch of celebration, excitement and deep relaxation.  Firebird is an evolutionary product for evolving tastes.

A conveniently rolled joint of pure flower ready for consumption right out of the package, the pre-roll is one of the simplest and most popular forms of cannabis available. The foundation of pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls are the same, but the infused pre-roll provides an enhanced flavor and potency. Firebird infused pre-rolls utilize a foundation of high-quality Bluebird flower with an infusion of live resin concentrate, taking the typical pre-roll experience to incredible new heights.