AGE: 27


How long have you been at DRH?
I’ve been here since November of 2015. I initially worked in the trim department then moved to packaging and I am currently working in the dispensary currently as lead budtender. Wherever I’ve been in this company, it’s been with amazing staff, we’re like a family.

How did you get into the cannabis industry? 

I have been in the Medical Marijuana industry since November of 2015. I initially worked in the trim department, then moved to packaging, and I am currently working in the dispensary as lead budhost. Wherever I’ve been in this company, it’s been with amazing staff — we’re like a family.


Tell us a little bit about serving the patients of Mesquite?
I love our “regulars” and feel very welcomed in the community. I recognize our Mesquite patients as being very loyal.


What do you enjoy most about being a bud host?
Hearing the success stories. Knowing I’m making an impact in people’s lives. Sharing my passion about cannabis and knowledge to help people.


What are you passionate about outside of DRH and Cannabis?
I’m a family man. My greatest love is spending time with my wife and kids. I love traveling to new destinations and exploring. I love all aspects of the outdoors, hiking the mountains and deserts and being at the ocean.


What is your favorite product to recommend to a beginner?
A great mentor of mine gave me a motto  “slow and low until you know.” I recommend starting with our CBD gummies by Cannavative, Trokies by Silver State Trading, or the microdose hard candies by Evergreen Organix. They come in a variety of flavors and are all right around 5mg so you can start at a beginners dose and adjust as needed. Basically items with about 5mg of THC and some CBD. If they are looking for flower, I will recommend a strain with terpenes that will help with their specific ailments.


What are your three favorite products in the shop?
That’s a hard question to answer as we are getting so many great new products in the dispensary from such great vendors in the industry. If I have to choose, I’m going first to our own flower, Skywalker OG. It has a super terpene profile, higher THC and is a great Indica. We have a really solid great group of growers who really hit the spot with this strain.

The Lab makes some really good Lil’ Gorilla batter concentrate. Great taste, super easy to work with and definitely gets the job done. It was made with DRH flower and is a cross between Lil Sebastian and Gorilla Goo.
Last but not least, I really like the new tincture we just got in from Strainz. It is a very high CBD and low THC tincture and I use it on a daily basis as a health supplement with my multivitamins. I’ve been a cannabis connoisseur for years and now there are so many new and great products that it’s very had to limit my favorites to 3 products! I’m happy to invite you to stop in and see us and we’ll find the right cannabis products for you.