NAME: Carlos Martinez
AGE: 30
BIRTHPLACE: Salt Lake City, UT


Favorite patient memories?

I have a few. The best ones are our patients that are in real need of this medicine. To watch them reduce the cancer in their bodies (if not beat it), then drastically slowing down, to actually stopping seizures, are very memorable to me. I’ll never forget those moments.

What sells well?

I’m starting to see a lean towards cartridges/concentrates. Cartridges are filled with concentrate THC and/or CBD oil. Being able to carry them in your pocket is so convenient. 2-3 hits for most. Very little smell and super discreet great for on the go. At Deep Roots Harvest we carry a list of cartridges, so finding one that fits any needs won’t be hard.

Hardest thing about my job?

I think the only thing that’s hard about my job is seeing patients in pain, hearing their stories, and realizing what they have been through. I’m glad I’m here at Deep Roots getting a chance to help our patients feel better and live a higher quality of life.

Favorite thing about my job?

The favorite thing about my job would be getting to work here. Everything about it is my favorite (lol) if that makes sense. Love my job! Especially getting to see all the newest products coming out. It’s amazing how much the industry is moving forward. Super excited to be part of it 

Favorite movie?

It’s a toss-up between “This Is The End” and “The Interview”. Both movies are freaking funny.   3-4 dabs and an Alien OG pre-roll is how I enjoy them. Sit back, light up and get ready to laugh.

Favorite band?

I have a few,

In Flames. Great music to work out to.

Rebelution. Sit back and chill music.

DJ Snake. Feel good party music.

Favorite food?

At the moment I’ve been hooked on gyros. The Greek restaurant in town makes the best gyros I’ve ever had. Just making myself hungry thinking about it. Oh and don’t forget the Greek fries. So good.

Favorite strains?

Indica- Lil Sebastian, Alien OG and Lemon Larry

Hybrid- 2010 GSC and Grape Stomper, Flo

Sativa- Golden Goat

Something I’m passionate about and do on my free time?

I’m all about working out. It’s something I do almost every day. I enjoy staying in shape, being fit, and just feeling good. I have a 7 year old boy that really loves golf too and anytime we get a chance to hit the fairways and greens, we are all about it. We are usually out on the grass at least twice a week. My family is very important to me. Any free time I can get I’m spending it with them.

What inspired me to the industry?

Marijuana and I go back a long time. It’s something I’ve been doing for almost 20 years now. Fortunately now that Deep Roots Harvest is here, I’m getting to used my experiences, my knowledge and my love for this beautiful plant to help people. It’s very rewarding for me as my future seems limitless.

My favorite thing about mesquite?

I love the small town feel it has. Its a tight knit community. I believe it’s great for raising kids.

What am I looking forward to in my life?

I’m looking forward to doing more and learning every aspect of this industry. I appreciate all the opportunities Deep Roots Harvest has given me and I hope continue making things happen here. I love being part of the team.

If I could have a cannabis moment with anyone? Alive or dead?

I think it would be people that have been real influential and changed the world like Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I think getting an in site into their minds would be life changing for anyone.

My favorite thing to do in Vegas?

The food. I love the diversity of food out there. Of course, the party scene is the best. Vegas always knows how to party.

Any favorites in the shop?

I’m a concentrates guy. One of my favorites right now is from The Lab – Dulce Vida live resin batter. Super flavorful, 77% THC, clean finish. It’s made with Deep Roots Harvest flower Sweet Pebbles and Headband. MPX just came out with Bruce Banner pure THCA crystalline and boasts numbers up to 95.9% THCA. It’s a great sativa with a terpene profile that is on point. A long lasting high thats perfect for me. This is where its at. I’m also loving the new CannaPunch drinks. 100 MG THC per bottle, 5 flavors, great for anyone looking for something different. I sit back and enjoy them all the time. Very convenient. I’ve even filled popsicle molds, frozen them and enjoyed on a hot day. The applications are endless.