In July of 2016 the first Cheeba Chew was sold in the state of Nevada at Silver State Relief in Sparks, Nevada and then at Inyo Fine Cannabis in Las Vegas. Cheeba Chews are now available to patients of Nevada in over 50 dispensaries throughout Nevada, including Las Vegas, Clark County, Sparks, Reno, Incline Village, Pahrump, Laughlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Mesquite. 

Cheeba Chews is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and was founded in 2005 in the kitchen of current CEO James Howler. The extremely consistent, discrete and potent chocolate taffy chews have achieved brand recognition beyond any other edible brand across the U.S. and continue to expand their operations into new markets with new products. Dubbed “America’s Favorite Edible” by High Times Magazine, Cheeba Chews continue to endear themselves to patients and recreational cannabis users alike. Having entered the Nevada market as one of the state’s first edible companies in 2016, Cheeba Chews are manufactured in the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen, and Deep Roots Harvest Dispensary is also the flagship Cheeba Chew dispensary in the State of Nevada. 



“We are very grateful to be the exclusive producer and distributor of Cheeba Chews here in Nevada, we’re very humbled to carry on the legacy of this great brand.  We’re thankful for all of the retail partners in Nevada that distribute the Cheeba Chew product so well.” said Ryan Breeden COO of Deep Roots Harvest.


Cheeba Chews has expanded their product line into a brand of gummies called Green Hornet, as well as caramel and various flavors of the Cheeba Chews themselves. They also offer a Pure CBD Chew as well as a Hi CBD Chew in their chocolate taffy variety. Cheeba Chews are beloved by patients all over the globe for their discreteness, potency and consistency. In Nevada most batches of Cheeba Chews range from each chew being 90-95 milligrams, so they can certainly dull the sharpest pain and calm the most anxious of nerves.  In a February 29, 2016 High Times article Howler cited Cheeba Chews’ core values,


“We make sure we provide a consistent edible that consumers and budtenders can rely on. Plus we go the extra mile in testing and preparation to ensure that Cheeba Chews maintain a high level of potency. People know they’re getting an edible product that will provide relief anytime, anywhere necessary.”




Cheeba Chews are dosed using cannabis oil that is extracted from Deep Roots Harvest flower using supercritical C02 extraction.  The cannabis oil is tested by an independent testing laboratory licensed by the Department of Public and Behavioral Health to ensure that the oil is clean and does not contain any pesticides, heavy metals or residual solvent.  The oil is also tested for terpenes and potency so that the chews can be dosed accurately.  This precise dosing is critical to gaining the trust and loyalty of thousands of consumers throughout the states where Cheeba Chews are sold.



“Without the loyalty of our patients Cheeba Chews would be nothing here in Nevada, and we don’t take that for granted. We’re thankful for the dispensaries that distribute the products and for the patients that consume it. We understand that patients are trusting us with their bodies and we take that very seriously.  I advocate for patients taking a very slow approach to finding a dose that is right for you. We say in our shop low and slow till you know and recommend a 5-10 milligram dose for beginners depending on body weight and experience. We want our patients to have a safe enjoyable experience with Cheeba Chews and a big part of that is taking a sensible approach to finding your dose. We’re excited to be a part of Cheeba Chews’ growth here in Nevada.”



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