A Collaboration With Jesse Hapka



Name:  Jesse Hapka

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

When and how did you come to MPX and this industry?

I first got into the industry professionally when I moved to AZ about 4 years ago. I was offered the position as lead processor for MPX Nevada & Green Mart after the Arizona MPX processor took notice of my work, and the products I was producing for another dispensary.

What do you suggest to people who are new to concentrates?

Start small, less is more for a first timer.

What’s a brief way of summing up how your product is created? (get as technical as you would like):

Extremely clean and sterile facilities combined with sound chemistry utilizing state of the art extraction equipment and technology.

What are your thoughts on collaborating with Deep Roots?

We have collaborated with deep roots since we started here in NV and it has been nothing short of amazing. We won the Jack Herer Cup with their Agent Orange and the NYPD Live Resin we collaborated on had amazing feedback!

Any tricks of the trade you could share without giving away the farm?

Perfection is key, always strive to be better.

What’s your inspiration for doing the work you do?

Seeing others benefit from our products.

What’s next for MPX? Anything exciting you want to tell us about or anything you want to share?

Lots of new products are coming out soon. Look out for our Hydrocarbon extracted Live Resin High Terpene Extract Cartridges. And expect MPX to be nationwide very soon.

Favorite Band?

Gucci Mane.

Favorite Hobby, Pastime or Passion outside of cannabis?

Hiking, grilling and studying chemistry.