Deep Roots Harvest Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Breeden understands the long cultural ties between cannabis, art, and community, and that’s what motivated him to cement that connection in the Mesquite dispensary.

“Deep Roots Harvest is proud of a partnership we have undertaken with the premier arts center of Mesquite,” Mr. Breeden said, “the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery run by the Virgin Valley Artists Association (VVAA).

“Since we began here in 2016, artists from the Gallery have beautified our dispensary with an array of quality images available for sale. We think the art creates a unique atmosphere, and we’re very proud of this relationship. The Gallery was one of the first to support our efforts here and that means a lot to us.” Katherine Cole, 2017 President of the VVAA, says,

“We were very excited when Deep Roots contacted us to partner with them regarding art.  Even though the dispensary wasn’t open yet and had no product to sell, they asked us to display art from our gallery and gift shop for their grand opening events to highlight our partnership. “We set up a system so that eventually when the dispensary was open, their customers could buy art from our gallery directly online from their phones or on a computer at Deep Roots,” adds Cole. “Now the more than 200 members of the VVAA have an opportunity to display their work to store customers and have it available for sale.”

Artists can submit their work, which is reviewed by Deep Roots staff, and selected pieces are rotated on a quarterly basis so there are a variety of pieces at the Deep Roots location.  

“Now that the dispensary is open, this gives our artist’s association greater visibility and encourages customers to come and see what other artpottery, glasswork and jewelryis available at our gallery as well,” said Cole.

Recently Breeden and Cole were presenters at the Nevada Arts Council meeting, “Arts at the Heart,” held in Las Vegas.  They led a discussion about how businesses can partner with arts organizations.  

“We at Deep Roots love supporting our community and are proud to sponsor the gallery’s National Small Works Competition, called ‘Lucky 13,’ that was on display at the gallery through December 30, 2017,” said Breeden.  “We are also happy to provide both more visibility for the great artists here and an opportunity to our clients to support the arts in Mesquite.”

, Deep Roots is looking for ways to continually improve this experience. Look for announcements of special art events in the future.

The Mesquite Fine Arts Center is located at 15 W. Mesquite Blvd., Mesquite, NV 89027. Hours are Monday-Saturday from 10am to 4pm. For more information visit or email