We have had the privilege to collaborate with The Lab on a series of live and cured resins, shatters and waxes, as well as a line of budders and badders.  The highlights of these lines have been the live resin blends that they masterfully intertwine for unique terpene profiles and textures.  This live resin collaboration requires Deep Roots Harvest to  immediately freeze the cannabis after it is harvested to halt the degradation of the trichomes.

After a state certified lab tests the frozen material, it is shipped to The Lab and processed as closest to the harvest time as possible.  The Lab live resin has a striking scent from a full plant terpene profile, and with their unique proprietary blending of strains these terpene profiles are endless.  Keep on the lookout for: The Lab Lil Sebastian Live Resin Badder, The Lab New York Purple Diesel Live Resin Shatter both available at Deep Roots Harvest Dispensary in Nevada.