According to the most recent data, approximately 37 million Americans consumed cannabis in 2017. As more states begin to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational uses, that number is sure to rise.
When most people think about consuming cannabis, they think of smoking a joint or eating an edible. There are other methods of consumption, though, including dabbing. Learn More >>

Never heard of dabbing before? Not sure if it’s a good option for you? Read on to learn the ins and outs of dabbing cannabis concentrates. You’ll be a pro before you know it.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?
Cannabis concentrates are processed products made from the cannabis plant. The processing of cannabis concentrates leaves behind only the most beneficial elements of the plant — the terpenes and cannabinoids, mainly. It gets rid of extra plant material and impurities that might linger in other forms of cannabis. Cannabis concentrates, as the name suggests, are more concentrated and potent than other options.

When you dab cannabis concentrates, you’re exposing yourself to more cannabinoids and terpenes than when you’re smoking a joint, for example. As a result, you’ll feel a stronger effect with a smaller amount of product.

Benefits of Dabbing
Dabbing is not the only method of consuming cannabis concentrates. You can also vaporize them with a portable vaporizer or add them to a joint. Dabbing is the most popular option for consuming concentrates, though, and for good reason. The following are some of the greatest benefits of choosing to dab:

Cannabis concentrates are often purer than other forms of cannabis. Because of the way it’s processed, you still get all the best parts of the cannabis plant. However, there’s no smoke involved when dabbing cannabis concentrates, which is a big plus for some people who are particularly sensitive to it.

Less Odor
Often, dabbing produces less of a smell than smoking cannabis. For folks who want to consume cannabis in a more discrete manner and don’t want to deal with lingering odors, dabbing is a great alternative to consider.

Stronger Flavor
If you want to really savor the flavor of the cannabis you’re consuming, dabbing is the way to go. Dabbing cannabis concentrates allows you to enjoy a stronger, purer, more plant-like flavor and have a better experience all around.

Faster Results
Because of its high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids, you’ll feel the effects of cannabis much faster when you choose to dab over other options. This isn’t just about getting high faster (although, that is a definite plus of dabbing). Feeling the effects of cannabis faster is great for folks consuming it to possibly help with nausea, chronic pain, or any other health condition.