Tell us about Cohen Medical Group?  
Cohen Medical was established in 2009 in Colorado, with the cannabis industry having a need for medical professionals to help cannabis patients. We are a small family business started by me, Robert Cohen MD, and my daughter, Noel We moved to Nevada six months later and now have six doctors in Colorado and Nevada.  We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Nevada and Mesquite cannabis community.

What are your thoughts on Recreational MJ and how it will affect the medical patient? 
Recreational cannabis will raise awareness throughout the entire state . It will bring out more medical patients as the stigma of it being illegal will be removed.

What are your thoughts on the current medical marijuana laws in Nevada? 
Nevada has been great in embracing medical cannabis to ensure access for all patients. The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health has been active to make the program better — this can’t be said for all states. The laws provide all cannabis patients access, including out-of-state and out-of-country patients, which no other state does. It has been constant and never-ending improvement, bravo to the State of Nevada DPBH!!  The local support here in Mesquite has been tremendous as well; we’re fortunate to operate in a city and state that are on the forefront of this movement.

Tell us about your experiences working the patients in Mesquite? 
We feel like Mesquite adopted us, and we have adopted them back. Many of the patients have fear of the process and have limited understanding of technology and cannabis in general. It has been very rewarding seeing and helping patients gain confidence in deciding to use cannabis and then have them report back with good results. A majority of the patients we have helped in Mesquite are older and retired and have pain. We take the time to guide them through the process and ultimately help them gain access to this State approved medicine. We provide ourselves on creating this safe access.

What services do you provide?
We help prospective patients navigate the process of getting their cards so they can get legal, tested cannabis. We work with local governments and agencies to make the process better for patients.

How many patients have you helped register in Mesquite?
Hundreds!! We come once a month to help patients locally in Mesquite.