Escape Artists

Introducing Escape Artists, the newest addition to join Deep Roots Harvest's wide variety of products in the Nevada Market. Originating from Colorado, Escape Artists is here to help you smooth out the rough edges and provide the opportunity to show up for yourself.

We craft science-backed cannabis products designed for busy people who want to intentionally incorporate cannabis into their routine. Our topicals are designed with proven pharmaceutical technologies to create a path to presence. 

Escape Artists: Elevate What's Essential

Our pharma-grade creams are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that enhance penetration at the cellular level, bringing cannabinoids deeper into the skin in minutes. We use purified cannabidiol and cannabis extract in a smooth water-based formula that is never waxy or greasy. Escape Artists topicals are made from premium ingredients sourced from reputable purveyors with stringent quality standards, without parabens or phthalates.

Our topicals provide an alternative to smoking or edibles and can be used to recover from whatever wears you down throughout the day. Whether you're coping with a chronic condition, are an athlete pushing through training, or simply need a break from the usual aches and stiffness that comes from a hectic lifestyle, we have your back.

800mg cbd / 800mg thc relief cream rose with bergamot

Our perennially popular THC Relief Cream comes in a rose with bergamot version packed with a peak potency of 800mg each of CBD and THC and a fresh floral fragrance you won't mind using throughout the day. You won't get an intoxicating effect from cannabis topicals, but you might find yourself feeling a little lighter as your tension melts away.
Escape Artists 300:300 Lavendar
300mg cbd / 300mg thc relief cream with lavender

This balanced, award-winning 1:1 formula has 300mg each of CBD and THC to specifically target muscles affected by strenuous physical activity. Escape Artists 1:1 THC Relief Cream comes in a lavender formula for extra relaxation–whenever, wherever. Just kick back and enjoy the aromatherapy while the cannabinoids go to work unknotting all the aches your meditation app can’t touch.
Escape Artists Unscented 300:300mg
300mg cbd / 300mg thc relief cream unscented

Sensitive to fragrances? No problem. Escape Artists 1:1 THC Relief Cream comes in an unscented version that packs the same great 300mg each of CBD and THC as our other award-winning formulas. Our gentle water-based cream is a winner even for finicky skin. Feel free to reapply as needed throughout the day.
Escape Artists 800:40 Lavendar
800mg cbd / 40mg thc relief cream with lavender

A touch of lavender provides relaxing aromatherapy while our medical-grade formulation boosts the bioavailability of the cannabinoids. This high CBD, non-intoxicating blend is perfect for tense muscles or persistent aches and can be incorporated into your evening routine to unwind. Our award-winning water-soluble formula features ultra-bioavailable purified cannabidiol and cannabis extract at a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC, so you can stop soreness in its tracks wherever you go.
Escape Artists 800:40 Menthol
800mg cbd / 40mg thc relief cream with menthol

This soothing variety of our award-winning 20:1 THC Relief Cream combines the restorative properties of camphor and menthol with CBD and THC—making this an excellent product to include in your workout routine. This enhanced formula provides additional support for tight muscles—whether you’re a former professional athlete or amateur weekend warrior, this product can help with muscle recovery and relief.