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The Chemical Compounds of Cannabis

While cannabis has been used for thousands of years, scientists are still identifying many of the chemical components of the plant. According to a 2021 study published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, there are more than 550 chemical compounds in cannabis and more than 100 cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. There are also […]
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Understanding Cannabis THC Dosing

There’s a common belief that higher THC percentage is a characteristic of higher-quality cannabis and more potent consumer experiences. While THC percentage does contribute to potency, there are many other factors that affect an individual’s reaction, and consuming a higher-THC strain does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll feel more medicated than when consuming lower-THC strains. […]
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Finding Relief Through Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis has quickly become one of the most sought-after skincare and body care ingredients on the market. From face oil to body lotion, bath bombs to eye cream, the potency of cannabinoids is changing personal care products. The team at Deep Roots Harvest, in partnership with Escape Artist, produces therapy-grade cannabis topicals and has shared […]
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The Stages of Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis available at a dispensary is prepackaged and ready for use, but the process of getting that product to consumers requires many stages. Starting from seed, cannabis is cloned, cultivated, harvested, dried, cured, tested and packaged for consumption. It can take several months for a plant to reach its flowering stage, and growing conditions play […]
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The Buzz About Live Resin Edibles

Live Resin is the buzzword in the cannabis industry right now, with products is ranging from infused prerolls to edibles, but what makes this ingredient so sought after? Live resin is a unique cannabis concentrate created by flash-freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvest. The production process preserves the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, which maintain […]
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A Walk Through Cannabis History

Cannabis has been used for millennia for its medical properties, with possible evidence of its existence dating back 12,000 years to central Asia.”Cannabis seeds have accompanied the migration of nomadic peoples” across the globe, according to the Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, reportedly treating everything from arthritis to asthma. As April 20 approaches, here’s a look […]
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Dive Into Infused Prerolls

Infused prerolls include cannabis concentrates, such as crumble, diamonds, or wax to create a more potent product. “The infused flower blend typically creates a more intense experience for the consumer,” said Staci Martinez, Extraction Supervisor at Deep Roots Harvest. With a higher THC percentage, the popularity of infused prerolls continues to soar among cannabis consumers. […]
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Cooking with Cannabis: How to Make Edibles at Home

Making edibles and infusing cannabis into your recipes can be a fun and easy process. Learning the basics allows you to turn any feast into a cannabis-infused treat. Learning The Basics 1. Start with a base. There are several ways to infuse cannabis into food, but creating an infused oil or butter is typically the foundation […]
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Cannabis Tinctures

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Tincture

With more and more states legalizing cannabis throughout the country, there’s been a significant uptick in the number of people using cannabis and cannabis products on a regular basis. The latest research shows that at least one in seven adults in the U.S. use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. If you’re interested in using […]
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Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

Eat Your Cannabis: The Benefits of Edibles You May Not Have Known

Are you considering trying edibles for the first time? Learn the primary benefits of edibles you may not have known about. At the time of writing this, recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states. While this may seem like a far cry from our Northern neighbor’s full legalization in 2018, the United States is slowly becoming more accepting of […]
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Marijuana Edibles Buying Guide

How to Buy Cannabis Edibles: 7 Tips You Need to Know

As of 2019, nine states and the District of Columbia have fully decriminalized marijuana and have legalized its recreational use. This number is rapidly growing, with many more looking to the 2020 election to legalize recreational use of this psychoactive substance. With it’s increased availability, weed edibles have become easier to access than in the […]
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Best CBD Products

How to pick the best CBD product for you

If you’re looking for the best CBD products, then Deep Roots Harvest can help you out. We offer a variety of high-quality products that are packed full of clean cannabis oil. You have so many options to choose from, and we’re here to help you pick the best ones for your needs. What are the […]
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Natural Cannabis Edibles

Natural Cannabis Edibles From The Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen

Cannabis edibles are all the rage as consumers look for alternative ways of consuming cannabis. You might be in a public place, or you don’t like smoking. Either way, natural edibles are the perfect solution. Deep Roots Harvest is committed to offering innovated cannabis solutions to patients throughout Nevada. With our freshly grown marijuana, we […]
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