• Frequently Asked Questions

    A couple of troubleshooting steps to follow: Make sure that you are getting airflow thru the device. If not, there is a clog somewhere; it may need a little warmth….like a blow dryer set on low for just a few seconds, or hold in your warm hands for a few minutes. If the clog continues, please bring in for a replacement Make sure that something is lighting up when you take a draw. Typically on both disposables and cartridges on batteries there will be something that lights up when you’re taking a draw. If that is not happening, you have no battery power. Either charge the battery or bring the disposable back in for a replacement. Make sure to keep the thread area of a battery clean and free from sticky oil. This can disturb the connection and therefore make a cartridge inoperable. We have an OHM & Voltage Reader in the dispensary for testing. Feel free to come by and ask for a test on both the cartridge and battery. We replace any defective vape device that was purchased from Deep Roots Harvest Dispensary within 30 day of the purchase date. If these steps do not help please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you!

    Per Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board Regulation 7.020, a retail cannabis store may not sell cannabis or cannabis products to any person unless that person produces a form of government issued valid identification. If that person produces an expired form of ID, they must also produce documentation that it was extended by the appointing authority.

    Yes! The following are our regular on-going discounts. 15% off for Medical Patients: *Must present ID & Medical Card* 15% off for Veteran/Military: *Must present VA Card* 15% off for Industry Personnel: *With ID*

    We accept Credit Cards, Cash, Aeropay (ACH), or Dutchie Pay online (ACH). We also have ATM machines on site.

    We cannot offer advice over email or phone. All of our recommendations are made in person at the dispensary. We recommend keeping a journal of the products that you try and the dosing of those products so you can find the right products that work best for you.

    Our website has the most up to date menu and prices.

    Unfortunately we do not. The State of Nevada has pulled pet products off the shelves.

    No. It is illegal to cross state lines, and therefore we do not ship out of state, and we don’t ship in state.

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