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At Deep Roots Harvest Farm, we strive to bring you the very best using natural and sustainable grow methods. Our experienced grow team are not only good at what they do, they truly love it.

• One of the largest grow facilities in the country
• Decades of combined experience
• True passion for the art of the grow
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Deep Roots Harvest cannabis has been proudly cultivated and packaged in Mesquite, Nevada, since 2015. We are one of the largest growers in the state, having supplied more than 80% of the dispensaries in Nevada. Our team of experienced growers aims to enhance our environment and maximize the full potential of every harvest. We consistently produce high-quality cannabis flower for our consumers.

Deep Roots Harvest flower is cultivated with a state-of-the-art indoor grow system. This high-tech system, along with our valued grow team, helps to maintain environmental and nutritional conditions that produces the maximum amount of quality marijuana from each plant. Our highly experienced horticulturists do not use any harmful chemical enhancements or unnecessary shortcuts. We hand trim our flower to ensure individual care is given to each product, which is then packed in our smell-proof, heat-sealed pouches to ensure fresh quality flower every time.

Our flower goes through various stages of its life cycle under our care. Once our clones are planted, each enters the vegetation stage. During this stage the stem of the plant gets thicker and taller. Then it will hit the pre-flowering stage and from there to the flowering stage. The flowering stage can take anywhere from eight to 10 weeks. The last and most essential stage is the harvesting stage! This is the stage where we cut our plant branches. Once we get branches cut, we put them in a dark, cool room and hang them upside down. After about five to six days we begin the trimming and packaging process. Our packaging team then packages the loose flower as well as our bluebird pre-roll joints.

Check out our top-shelf strains, such as Alien OG and Old School Lemons. These strains are known for their gorgeous colors, stunning crystals and complex flavors and aromas. Not to mention the incredibly unique high along with the medical benefits you get from each strain.

Join us on our mission to provide you with premium-quality cannabis.
From our farm to your body.