Age: 28                                                                                        Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Indica/ Hybrid/ Sativa: Hybrid                                                                      # of Harvests: 20


How did you get into growing cannabis?

I’ve been fascinated with cannabis for a long time. I have always wanted to grow cannabis since before I can remember. I am a connoisseur of cannabis which makes growing my dream career that has come to life.

Tell us something interesting about this crop?

White Fire Diesel is pretty cool in this room. Looking like some green fireballs.

What is the highlight of this crop?

For me it’s the Alien OG. She’s just a straight beast

What is the your general growing philosophy?

Less is more

What are some your favorite growing secrets?

Wouldn’t be a secret then “sorry”

What is your favorite strain in the harvest and why is it your favorite?

Little Sebastian. She just so unique and I just love how she makes me feel

What is your favorite strain personally

Personally my favorite strain is Slimmer aka Ghostbuster. They all have their own qualities so truthfully I love them all