Cannabis is currently legal in over half the country. While in many of the states one must be a medicinal card carrier to enjoy cannabis and in states such as California, Nevada, and Oregon you can now enjoy the recreational use of marijuana. This is good news for your first time smoking weed.

This means that for many the opportunity to legally try cannabis is now open. If it’s your first time trying out cannabis there are important things that you want to know before getting started.

Read on to learn these important tips before purchasing and enjoying cannabis.

Know Your Laws

Before even considering buying cannabis, it’s important to know what the laws are in your state.

Each state varies as to the regulations that are placed upon cannabis, and each state changes those laws on an almost regular basis.

To be able to safely and legally enjoy cannabis, it’s important to try and be aware of the laws at all times. For example, in many states, you have to be at least 21 years old to enjoy cannabis.

Each state also will have a law on how much cannabis you are allowed to purchase at one time. You’ll also find that there are some limits on where you can enjoy cannabis.

By staying aware of all these little regulations you can keep your cannabis experience a pleasant one.

So Why Is it Your First Time Smoking Weed?

Everyone chooses to get high for different reasons.

To know what kind of high you’re looking for, it’s important to know your why.

For example, are you suffering from a symptom associated with a condition? If you are then it is important to look for a high that will help you moderate the symptoms without making any other symptoms worse.

Are you looking to reduce a bit of anxiety, while still being able to go about your daily life?

There are strains of cannabis that provide a mellow high while still allowing you to have the energy you need to complete your task throughout the day.

In fact, many people use these strains of cannabis to be able to focus on their daily routine.

Finally, are you looking for an all-out high? That stereotypical giggly-sleep-all-day-munchies-high is achievable. However, it may not be what you’re looking for for your first.

Know Your Form

Weed comes in all different forms. Thanks to its widespread legalization, cannabis can now be found as edibles, plants, oils, and even topical lotions.

It’s important to know that each of these forms will create a different type of high. For example, edibles tend to be much stronger than simply smoking a joint.

If you do choose to go with edibles, it may be best to go with a manufactured product. This is due to the fact that with a manufactured product, the amount of CBD and THC in each serving tends to be more controls.

However, if you’re buying a brownie from your neighborhood stoner, there’s really no knowing what you’re in for.

Know Your Budget

Believe us when we say it is never wise to be cheap about getting high. That being said, the price of cannabis will vary depending on the type that you’re getting.

It will also vary depending on where it’s sourced. We recommend always looking for cannabis that has been grown in the state you are purchasing from.

Talk to Your Budtender

If you’re getting your cannabis directly from a dispensary you’ll come across your friendly neighborhood salesman also known as your budtender.

Not only are these budtenders there to offer assistance, but they’re also great resources for recommendations. Keep in mind, that most of these budtenders have been smoking for quite some time.

So what seems mild to them might not necessarily be mild to you.

Looking to Apps

Another fortunate result of the legalization of cannabis? Websites and apps that have become the TripAdvisor of the cannabis world.

That’s right, you can now find reviews posted by users on different dispensaries, products, and menus. This makes life much easier, especially if you’re just starting out.

Talk with Family and Friends

If you’re fortunate enough to have some experienced donors within your close circle, take advantage of this. These people tend to know your taste, as well as the intensity of weed that you can handle.

Which makes them an ideal source for recommendations.

Of course, they will be expecting for you to share with them when it’s time to actually smoke.

Plan Your Day

We know what you thinking, planning and getting high doesn’t seem like it goes together. However, if you want a solid first experience, this is the way to do it.

Know what you want to do once you’re high. Do you want to order Chinese food and watch Netflix documentaries all day? Do you want to go to the spa and get a deep tissue massage?

Do you want to be alone or do you want to socialize and have deep conversations with friends?

Get a general idea of how you want your day to go, and make the necessary arrangements to make it happen.

The Very Best in Cannabis Tips and News

Now that you’ve experienced your first time smoking weed, you want to continue this experience. Welcome to the world of cannabis! Now, it’s strongly suggested that you take the opportunity to stay on top of rising news and tips.

Not only will this keep you an informed Stoner, but it will also give you the information you need for a great high every time. Check out our blogs for more tips and information today.