At Deep Roots Harvest, we produce Nevada grown cannabis that’s a unique experience for both our patients and recreational users. With our Farm To Body cannabis program, we grow and cultivate the cleanest cannabis in the state. Our farm produces different strains all throughout the year, including a range of excellent hybrid strains for you to enjoy. Learn More >>
Deep Roots Harvest cannabis has been proudly cultivated and packaged in Mesquite, Nevada, since 2015. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality cannabis genetics that we supply to more than 80% of the dispensaries in Nevada. Our team of experienced growers utilize sophisticated building management & fertigation systems to maintain optimal environmental and root zone conditions to maximize the full potential of every harvest. We pride ourselves in consistently producing high-quality cannabis flower for our consumers.

Deep Roots team of highly experienced growers employs crop steering strategies to bring out the desirable expressions we all love about cannabis. Check out our top-shelf strains, such as Apples & Bananas, Black Velvet, White Runtz, Apple Tarts, Gush Mints, and Dante’s Inferno. These strains are known for their gorgeous colorful expressions, stunning trichomes and complex flavors and aromas. Not to mention the incredibly unique high along with the medical benefits you get from each cultivar.