We started our Farm to Body program as a way to share our cultivation teams passion for growing cannabis and to provide our patients transparency into where their cannabis comes from.  We’re privileged to be licensed by the State of Nevada and The City of Mesquite, and are happy to operate within Mesquite City limits. We believe it is a unique situation that patients in Nevada are now able to choose to medicate and consume freshly harvested and cured, natural product that is grown locally right down the road.  Our Farm to Body program celebrates this choice. We are excited to share with you our grow philosophies and methods which we’ve developed from our experiences and that are ever-changing. We are also fortunate to operate in a state which has such stringent testing regulations, ensuring that the patients of Nevada are receiving some of the cleanest cannabis on the planet!! Transparency Transparency Transparency.

Our Packaging Process

Our Trimming Process

If you want some more insight into how we ensure premium quality cannabis is cultivated during each and every batch grown at Deep Roots Harvest, check out our detailed infographic on all the steps we take in our farm-to-body process.