AGE: 32





How did you get into going cannabis?
I have both friends and family who grow cannabis in Colorado, so it was easy to find job opportunities. I was thrown right in, building and running a full grow with only a crash course before I was given control. That means grower, trimmer, plumber, electrician, extraction, compliance, etc. It’s a lot but what a great opportunity and we excelled. Because of our success in Colorado, we now are able to grow here in Mesquite for Deep Roots Harvest.


What is your general growing philosophy?
I like to go for quality over quantity. Meaning a little lighter on the nutrients, hands on early, and then let them finish strong. Cannabis plants are amazingly hearty and will do their thing if you just let them.


Tell us something interesting about this crop?
This was a huge crop with tall, thickly grown plants, it was like walking through a psychedelic jungle.


What is the highlight of this crop?
Flo, She’s always a crowd pleaser!


What is your favorite strain in this crop and why is it your favorite?
Flo. Unique flavor and aroma, with beautiful flowers. When Flo grows, it has a thick canopy which requires a little more hands on that other strains, so I get to spend a little more time with Flo.


What are some of your favorite growing secrets?
All commercial cannabis is grown from clones instead of seeds. This ensures a uniform crop and reliable quality. It’s also quick and easy. So, I guess the secret is in the cloning.


What is your favorite stain at Deep Roots Harvest?
I’d have to pick 2 right now: Alien OG and Skywalker OG. They’re both powerful and cerebral with complex flavors on exhale.