What is the most difficult aspect of your position?

  • Obviously the physical nature of the job. I enjoy that part of it, though. When growing on this scale all the little details matter. From canopy maintenance, nutrient dosing and keeping our grow rooms clean is just a small part of the position. Each is very critical to bring a quality product to the marketplace.

What brings you and the team success?

  • The crystal clear communication with our small team makes the world go round. I show up to work each day excited to work with these guys and the days fly by because I truly enjoy being here.

What makes great cannabis?

  • Great genetics are crucial! The details and time you spend with each plant. There are no shortcuts to this process and the final product shows. We focus on fundamental techniques and replicate the process while applying small tweaks when needed. It is a constant learning process but that’s what keeps the job fun and exciting!

How did you get into gardening?

  • I grew up watching my grandma work in her garden.  She wasn’t growing cannabis but the image and memory are what gave me a positive image of the process. Due to the legality in Indiana I had to keep my usage low-key, but now I am happy to live in a state with progressive regulations. It is a great time to be alive.

What is your favorite food?

  • A thin crust pizza with bacon, lots of cheese and all the veggies!

Favorite music?

  • Reggae always put me in the right mood! I occasionally listen to old-school hip-hop. Anything that moves me and speaks to me.

Favorite DRH strain?

  • Lemon Skunk! The terpene profile and taste are second to none! I enjoy the effect and can still have a productive day.

Who would you like to share a cannabis moment with dead/alive?

  • Nicola Tesla. His thoughts and ideas have changed the world for the better. He was an extremely intelligent individual I would aspire to spend time with and learn from.

What do you enjoy about Mesquite? Vegas?

  • I love the mountains and the desert environment. The heat is rough in the summer but the winters are perfect. Mesquite has a great sense of community and people to surround yourself with. Vegas isn’t for me. I’m a low-key type of guy who enjoys the small-town vibe.