We all love those beautiful and colorful photos of cannabis plants before they’ve been trimmed down, but they’re not always so colorful. In fact, cannabis plants vary in shades of green up until the flush begins. A flush is performed prior to the actual harvesting of the cannabis plant. Flushing a plant means to feed the plant with plain H2O, meaning without any nutrients added to the water itself. Any minerals or nutrients that are present in the soil are washed away over time, leaving clean soil. By doing this, the flavor profile of the plant, as well as the smoothness at the time of intake to the body, is increased.

As the flush runs it’s course, the fan leaves begin to change their color, almost like a micro season of autumn. And as the leaves turn various shades of gold, purple, and red, it signifies that they’re ready for harvest. It’s also the ideal time to pull out the camera to capture some of the bountiful magic.