Helix Gummies

Masterfully crafted with premium ingredients, Helix Gummies offer consumers flavors, textures and effects that are simply irresistible to resist. Every Helix gummy is mixed homogeneously to ensure accurate, consistent dosing while providing a chewy, sugar-sprinkled texture and a soft gummy core. Available in five deliciously unique flavors, Helix Gummies provide 10mg of THC in each gummy, offering effects lasting between 3-6 hours that range from sleep relaxation to bliss which onset in 45 minutes up to two hours after consumption.

Helix, Gummies with a Twist

One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, gummies make ingesting edibles more fun and flavorful. Helix Gummies takes the gummy flavor profile up a notch with interesting tastes that include sour cherry, key lime, blood orange, freestone peach and sour blue raspberry. Created using only the finest, sourced ingredients, these gummies pack a flavor that cannot be forgotten.

Each bag of Helix Gummies contains 100mg of THC that is dosed in 10mg pieces. Made with 100% Nevada-grown cannabis, Helix provides a deliciously unique experience for every cannabis consumer. Embrace the tranquility of Helix Gummies.