Helix™ Gummies

Helix Gummies are available in five deliciously unique flavors, including sour cherry, key lime, blood orange, freestone peach and sour blue raspberry. At 100mg of THC per 10-gummy container, each Helix Gummy provides 10mg of THC, offering effects that can range from sleep relaxation to bliss. Effects onset in 45 minutes up to two hours after consumption and last between 3-6 hours.

Helix, Gummies with a Twist

Gummies have become one of the most favorable ways to consume cannabis. They make ingesting edibles more fun and flavorful. High-quality gummies are available to customers thanks to our team over at the Deep Roots Harvest kitchen. Helix Gummies are created using only the finest, sourced ingredients and have a flavor you will not soon forget.

Our gummies are masterfully crafted with premium ingredients, offering consumers flavors and textures that are simply impossible to match. Each Helix gummy is mixed homogenously, for accurate dosing, each time. Texture-wise, you will enjoy a chewy, sugar-sprinkled surface and a soft gummy core. Gelatin is one of our main ingredients that helps us achieve this desired texture.

Each bag of gummies contains 100mg of THC that are dosed in 10mg pieces. Helix Gummies are available in a variety of sweet and sour flavors, including Sour Cherry, Key Lime, Blood Orange, Freestone Peach, and Sour Blue Raspberry flavors. Helix gummies provides a deliciously unique experience for everyone. Made with 100% Nevada Grown Cannabis, embrace the tranquility of the Helix Gummy! 

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Gummies with a Twist!