How do you store your extra cannabis to ensure it maintains its quality over time?

We wanted to help. Think of the coming guide as cannabis storage 101. Want to learn how to keep marijuana fresh?

Keep on reading.

Key Components of Fresh Cannabis

Let’s begin with the factors that impact your weed’s freshness.


Coolness is key for preserving cannabis quality.

Think about those tin cans you have in your cupboard. Stored as instructed in a cool dry place, and they’ll last for years. But it’s a balance with cannabis. Too cold and you’ll impact the potency of the plant.

Excessive heat is never good either. First off, it’ll dry out and lose many of its awesome qualities. It can also get moldy in the warm, moist air of a certain temperature.


As we’ve just seen, humidity is bad in the cannabis world.

The moisture in the air can lead to mildew and mold. We recommend speaking with one of our budtenders to learn more about the optimal humidity for storage and the strength, aesthetics, and taste will be preserved


The sun’s UV rays are damaging in excess.

That’s the case for our skin as much as the cannabis we’re trying to keep fresh!

It’ll discolor your cannabis in the form of bleaching. This impacts its effects and flavors when smoked. Some people argue (and there’s evidence to back it up) that excessive light exposure has the most damaging impact on weed of all.

In the same way, preventing exposure is a great way to preserve its freshness.

What Not to Do

There’s good weed storage practice and bad weed storage practice. Let’s turn to a quick look at what you shouldn’t be doing with your weed.

Don’t Assume Plastic Will Work

Remove your weed from its packaging as soon as you can.

You might think. After all, similar packages do a decent job with your sandwiches. But weed’s different. It’s far more susceptible to damage from the elements.

That plastic won’t protect the precious contents from light, air, temperature fluctuations, or humidity.

Don’t Store Next to Strong Aromas

Remember, your primary storage goal should be to preserve the freshness of your cannabis.

Strong odors with your weed will make that harder to achieve. After a while, the scent will transfer to your cannabis. There’s nothing worse than losing the sweet flavors of marijuana to perfume. Aftershave, paints and so on.

Keep it all separate. The same goes for different strains. Each has its own effect and aroma. Separate storage locations are vital for maintaining their distinguishing features.

Don’t Store Alongside Other Smoking Paraphernalia

Likewise, the stale smells of your other smoking equipment can seep into your fresh new weed. Keep your bongs, grinders, lighters, and pipes in a separate space.

Don’t Leave it Exposed

This one’s hopefully already obvious.

However, be diligent with your weed storage and never leave it open to the elements. Definitely, don’t keep it out for extended periods of time. That’s effectively like committing pot head heresy.

After a night’s smoking, it can be difficult to remember proper storage practices. But do your best to remove it from countertops, or wherever you’ve had it out. That’s especially true in places that are exposed to heat. Microwaves, ovens, and electronics are weed kryptonite.

Don’t Put it in your Fridge

Remember how cold and moisture are bad for weed?

Well, that makes your fridge a troubling environment for your green.

You might consider putting it in the fridge to keep it fresh. After all, that’s how it works with your food, right? However, the constant opening and closing of the door changes the temperature inside and leads to mold developing.

How to Keep Marijuana Fresh

Finally, it’s time to talk about the techniques that’ll keep your weed as fresh as can be.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are an ideal DIY solution for weed preservation.

They’re the same glass jars your grandma uses to preserve her jams and pickles. Grandmas always know best. With a jar and lid, you’ll keep oxygen out, insulate against temperature change and stop humidity being a problem.

We recommend our Deep Roots Harvest Restash jar to keep your cannabis fresh, always. After all, clear jars can’t protect against the light (unless kept in a dark place). 


Humidors are an attractive wooden container (usually made from mahogany) that maintains proper humidity levels. It also looks cool. 

Be wary of tobacco humidors though. They aren’t the same. These are made from a wood which will transfer its odor and oils to the weed.

Hopefully, the information here has answered your questions about how to keep marijuana fresh. For these reasons and more, it’s in your interest to learn how to properly store your cannabis! Good luck!