Jim Bergan has been a lifelong cannabis advocate. He brings his talents to Nevada by way of Virginia where Jim first became passionate about the plant. Jim founded Weed Be Better Off, a brand dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition and increasing access for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Visit Weed Be Better Off for more information.

Favorite Strain #1:

Grape Stomper flower

Description of Product:

Indica strain that is great for relaxation at the end of the day leading to a great nights’ sleep.  It is full of the terpene, Beta-Myrcene.

Favorite Product #2:

NYPD Shatter from MPX

Description of Product:

Wonderful indica strain that almost starts as a sativa, but ends as an indica.  Great flavor profile, (smell, taste)…..so good!

How did you come to work at Deep Roots Harvest?

By way of Virginia, was able to bring my experience in serving patients to Deep Roots.  Has been a pleasure to serve the local community and share my knowledge of cannabis for their benefit.

Tell us a little bit about serving the patients of Mesquite?

Unlike Las Vegas, our demographic are seniors, and my role has been much more educational in nature.  We’re all learning together.

What is your general philosophy on being a bud host at DRH?

To listen to the patients’ needs and apply knowledge to help inform and educate the patient’s into good decisions to improve their life.

What are you passionate about outside of DRH and Cannabis?

Music, sports (particularly golf & basketball)……and of course my hometown teams.