The majority of Americans have tried weed at least once. However, the experience of using cannabis changes a lot, depending on weed quality. Do you know what you’re smoking?

Luckily, it’s easy to tell good cannabis from bad cannabis. It’s all about using your senses, plus a few other key tips.

In this easy guide, we’ll teach you exactly how to evaluate cannabis quality. A quality check is always important, even when buying from a dispensary! Read this before your next smoke session to make sure you’re using the best bud possible.

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Quality

First, let’s take a quick look at the different cannabis qualities on the market.

Although there are no official grades of weed, it’s pretty easy to categorize based on a few factors. Here’s the basic breakdown of quality levels you can expect to find.

Bad Cannabis

Bad cannabis is dry, flaky, and often brown in color. Rather than mainly flowers, it might have a high concentration of stems and seeds.

Sometimes, you’ll find bad weed in a compressed brick form. You’ll almost never see good flower sold in brick form.

Mids Cannabis

“Mids” or mid-grade weed takes things up to a more tolerable level. It’s not the highest quality, but it will do the trick. It will have more flowers and fewer stems and seeds than bad weed, and a more vibrant color.

You might opt for some mid-grade weed when you’re on a budget, but you still want to get high.

Good Cannabis

Higher-grade weed stands well above the rest. The green of good weed is often tinted with purple, or sparkling with crystals of THC. Growers use innovative techniques to get weed of the highest possible quality.

How to Tell the Grades of Cannabis Apart

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a closer look at how to tell where your weed falls on the list.


Your eyes are the first key to telling the quality of your weed.

Start by looking at the color. Green, not brown, is definitely a good indicator (although not all bad weed is brown). However, top-shelf weed often has an even wider range of colors than just green and the occasional purple tinge.

You should also look for the coating of resin on the outside of good weed. These THC-rich crystals can make the flowers look like they’ve been coated with sugar.

You also need to check your weed for damage. Sometimes low-quality weed might have mold growing on it, or even evidence of pests on the buds. In these cases, don’t smoke it!

The structure of the buds is another indicator of quality. Look for complete buds that stick together until you break them apart. The best buds tend to be very dense, while medium-quality marijuana might be looser.


Smelling your weed is a very normal way to get an idea of the quality.

Bad weed tends to have a more skunky smell, although it is also possible for good weed to have a skunk-like scent. However, bad weed often might not smell like much of anything.

A powerful, pleasant smell suggests that you’ve got a quality product on your hands. Good weed tends to have a more complex scent. You might pick up notes of fruit, coffee, chocolate, and more.

While the strong scent might make it harder to smoke good weed subtly, many people find that it’s worth it. Plus, if you follow local laws for smoking in a legal state, you won’t need to worry about who can smell it.


Finally, you can tell weed quality in part by the way it hits you. It’s good to use the other factors to evaluate your weed first, so you don’t buy bad bud. But if you have something and you’re not sure just how good it is, smoking it can help you find the answer.

Low-quality weed generally won’t get you as high as the better stuff. However, if you want a mild high, that doesn’t mean you should seek out low-grade weed. Instead, you can get a better weed with a low THC quality from your favorite dispensary.

The effects of high-quality weed with a normal or high THC content will be potent, though. That’s one reason people shop for quality. Even though it costs more, you can easily smoke less and still get the high you want.

How to Find Good Weed at a Dispensary

Ready to discover high-quality cannabis? The Deep Roots Harvest dispensary staff is there to help you find the best bud. Still, you’ll have an easier time getting what you want if you follow these basic tips on your shopping trip.

Remember Strains You Like

If you target your favorite strains, you’ll have an easier time always getting the quality you want. Remember the strains you like and even try writing them down in a notebook for future reference.


Describe Your Ideal

How would you like to feel when you’re high? How long do you want to be high for? Knowing your ideal high will help the staff point you to the right thing.

Remember that just because it’s high-quality cannabis doesn’t mean you’ll like the effects. The same strain can hit people differently. Take the time to describe what you like so you don’t spend your coins on a strain that doesn’t work for you.

Ready to Hit the Dispensary?

With this guide to cannabis quality, you can easily find what’s best for you when it’s time to buy. Don’t discount the importance of a good dispensary, too: at Deep Roots Harvest we put your experience first.