What’s been the most difficult part about becoming operational in Nevada?
The regulations required to operate an extraction facility in Las Vegas, and the fight to find quality flower and trim that meets our rigorous quality standards.

What has been the easiest part of becoming operational in Nevada?
Coming from the California market, we are very confident in the quality of our process and products that we are producing here. We have also been lucky to find a great team that works hard every day to help grow W Vapes.

What would you say is the single most important thing that has allowed W Vapes to successfully launch in the Nevada market?

Teamwork and Passion for the industry.

What makes you most proud about launching W Vapes in Nevada?

Being able to bring a high-quality Vape Pen that you can trust to the people of Nevada.

Give us a few methods or techniques that can really take cannabis extracts from Good to Great?

  1. High quality starting material. Quality in equals quality out!
  2. High-end laboratory equipment, and trusted processes.
  3. Using cannabis-derived terpenes and no cutting agents makes our pens a product for Connoisseurs and beginning smokers alike.

What do you suggest to people who are new to concentrates?

Start small and ask questions, know what you are smoking!

What’s the hardest part about your job?

Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations in Nevada.

You’ve produced cannabis oil in many states, what makes producing in Nevada unique? Challenging? Easier?

Again, the regulations are a challenge but also nice because there is no grey area of what may or may not be ok to do. The state tells us what is required to operate legally in the state. Also the main challenge is having access to high quality starting material in the quantities that we need.

When and how did you start to develop an interest in producing cannabis extracts?

I began making Cannabis concentrates about eight years ago after a life-long passion for cannabis. I fell in love and have not stopped learning or trying to progress the industry ever since. When it became possible to put take my passions and build a career out of them I could not resist the opportunity.

What’s your favorite thing about working at W Vapes?

Being a part of a team that truly cares about the products we produce, and wants to push the limits on what the cannabis industry can become.

What’s your favorite movie?

Dazed and Confused

What’s your favorite food?

All Mexican food!

 What’s your favorite band?


What’s your favorite strain?

Anything OG and JillyBean.

What’s your greatest ambition?

Be able to make a living creating a product that can change people’s lives.

If you could share a cannabis moment with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?

Cheech and Chong.

What’s your favorite thing about Las Vegas? What do you do in your spare time?

There is always something to do and every music act comes through Vegas. I like to play golf and ride my dirt bike.