Favorite patient memories?

  • We have a patient named Tom, a supporter since our opening who has dealt with various surgeries and ailments his entire life. Understanding the problems and addiction associated with taking opiates for pain management was not an option on the table.  Searching for an alternative medicine, he found cannabis and the medicinal effect associated with the plant. He always brings in a smile and positive attitude to our dispensary. This brightens our days and gives us a why behind what we do!

Favorite product?

  • I have two! The VCDC vape cartridge produced by Silver State Trading is a phenomenal product. A 1:1 THC to CBD ratio gives an uplifting and euphoric effect. Perfect for a day of gardening! My second is Indica Watermelon Pucks produced by Highly Edible. Taste is amazing and is perfect for a night of relaxing on the back patio.

Favorite aspect of your job?

  • The daily challenge in a booming industry! It is a non-stop process of educational information, new products and working with a diverse group of people. I recently visited our in-house grow facility and WOW what a great experience! Thank you David and the team at Deep Roots Harvest for setting up an amazing facility that produces quality product from a passionate team!

What do you enjoy about Mesquite?

  • The outdoor aspect and weather are hard to beat. I recently started golfing and there are many unique courses to play. The fauna and flora in the desert are beautiful! Spending time outdoors makes me feel alive and gives me a sense of well-being. Small town life brings an appreciation of the tight knit community and all the amazing people who live here.

Favorite DRH strain of flower?

-Indica: Grape Stomper & Lil’ Sebastian

-Sativa: Golden Goat

How were you introduced to cannabis?

  • High School is a time of growth and experimentation. When you hang around the older crowd you get introduced to a variety of new experiences. One of those was cannabis. Finding a connection was a bit difficult but you wouldn’t believe where my tribe and I got our product.

How do you spend your free time?

  • Outdoors! Hiking, biking, and chillin’ on the patio with a joint and a tasty glass of Malbec. I love to garden and keep my backyard a place of zen and relaxation.

Who would you like to share a cannabis moment with dead/alive?

  • When my grandchildren are of age I can’t wait to share some quality cannabis with them. I’ll keep trying to enjoy a cannabis moment with my mom, but that time will come soon enough!

What are you looking forward to in life?

  • Health is my biggest priority. I’m working hard to keep my body functional and maintain a healthy diet. It is a constant work in progress but well worth it!

An entrepreneurial cannabis idea?

  • An all-inclusive smoking ranch that includes infused food, fun activities and educational classes to teach the general public about the positive aspects of this amazing plant!