DRH Kitchen

At Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen, we strive to use natural and sustainable ingredients. You can count the number of ingredients in our products on one hand, And that’s a really good thing! Be confident you know what you are consuming.

  • Natural and Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  • Infused with 100% Nevada Grown Cannabis Oil
  • Consistent Dosing and Responsible Packaging


Magically delicious, while being 100% vegan and gluten free. Chillers are also made with Isomalt which is a low glycemic sweetener making them great for anyone looking to avoid sugar. Chillers are thoroughly researched, hand crafted sweet lozenges that deliver delicious flavors to the mouth, without the calories.
Lemon Hard Candy Chillers


Mango Hard Candy Chillers


Pomegranate Hard Candy Chillers


Sour Apple Hard Candy Chillers

Sour Apple

Watermelon Hard Candy Chillers


Sour Grape Hard Candy Chillers

Sour Grape

Helix Gummies

From the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen in Mesquite, NV comes the Helix gummy. Undeniably delicious, and crafted with sustainable ingredients including grass fed gelatin, Helix gummies boast a flavor packed sweet coating with a perfectly soft center. Helix gummies are lab tested for quality and infused with 100% Nevada Grown Cannabis
Ginger Peach Helix Gummies

Ginger Peach

Key Lime Helix Gummies

Key Lime

Blood Orange Helix Gummies

Blood Orange

Cucmber Serrano Helix Gummies

Cucumber Serrano

Sour Cherry Helix Gummies

Sour Cherry

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews are known around the world for their consistency, discreetness, and flavor. Our chocolate taffy chews come in hybrid, sativa, indica and cbd:thc varieties so there is a chew for everyone. Low in calories and high in credibility, Cheeba Chews remain a trusted edible and industry leader. Chews Wisely.
Caramel Taffy Cheeba Chew


Sour Apple Taffy Cheeba Chew

Green Apple

Hybrid Chocolate Taffy Cheeba Chew


Indica Chocolate Taffy Cheeba Chew


Sativa Chocolate Taffy Cheeba Chew


Strawberry Taffy Cheeba Chew