How to Buy Cannabis Edibles: 7 Tips You Need to Know

As of 2019, nine states and the District of Columbia have fully decriminalized marijuana and have legalized its recreational use.

This number is rapidly growing, with many more looking to the 2020 election to legalize recreational use of this psychoactive substance.

With it’s increased availability, weed edibles have become easier to access than in the past. Moreover, regulation has, for the most part, made it safer for even the newbie to partake.

However, whether you are a pot tourist or long-time local of a state that legalized weed, it’s important to know the in’s and out’s of edibles before you indulge.

Even a frequent smoker can be taken by surprise when it comes to the high induced from edibles, so don’t skimp on the research before you test the waters.

Read on to learn seven things you need to know before partaking in this newly legal activity.

Cannabis Edibles: Seven Tips to Know
While cannabis is likely the safest psychoactive substance out there, even when compared to alcohol, there is still a risk for a bad trip that sends you reeling.

But, there are many things you can do to decrease the chance that you will have one. The last thing you want is for your first time to ruin the edible experience.

Here are seven ways you can maximize your enjoyment while using edibles.

1. Understand Dosing Standards

The most important part of trying edibles is ensuring you take the right dose. Generally, the dose refers to the psychoactive compound THC, which is what will get you high.

There is also CBD, which can produce some relaxing effects on the body, and mediate the experience of THC.

Edibles can range anywhere from 1 mg to 100 mg of THC, and this variation can lead to some confusion as to how much you should take.

Here is how much one should roughly take based on their tolerance to THC.

  • 1 to 3 mg – Minimal Tolerance and a Mild Experience
  • 3 to 8 mg – Minimal Tolerance and a Medium Experience
  • 5 to 15 mg – Minimal Tolerance and a Strong Experience
  • 2 to 7 mg – Some Tolerance and a Mild Experience
  • 4 to 12 mg -Some Tolerance and a Medium Experience
  • 10 to 20 mg – Some Tolerance and a Strong Experience
  • 4 to 10 mg – High Tolerance and a Mild Experience
  • 6 to 15 mg – High Tolerance and a Medium Experience
  • 15 to 30 mg – High Tolerance and a Strong Experience

While there is always variation in tolerance levels, if it is your first time trying edibles or if it’s been a while since you’ve been exposed to THC, take it slow.

More importantly, start with a lower dose than you think, as many people will take too much and hate themselves later. Usually, 5 mg is enough to get someone with a low tolerance fairly high.

2. Only Consume Edibles on a Full Stomach

Avoid eating an edible on a completely empty stomach, as this can lead to over-consuming and overdosing.

Therefore, try to think of it as you would alcohol: it’s best enjoyed with a meal, or as a dessert.

While you can always wait to enjoy a larger meal later on, because of the long-lasting effects of edibles, it is important that you do not plan to drive.

3. Always Do it in a Relaxing Environment

Make sure you are in a safe place that relaxes you when you do edibles. The last thing you want is to combine a stressful environment with a high dose of THC. This can quickly lead to panic and anxiety.

Try to have a solid plan for the day or night that you do it, and designate a friend to keep an eye on you that either is taking it easy or cannot partake.

Typically, the best place would be a calming room that contains anything you might need over the next few hours, considering edibles produce a long-lasting high.

4. Don’t Start with a Full Dose

Again, it is very easy to consume too much on THC with edibles if you are not careful. Therefore, never start with a full dose, regardless of how you think you can handle it.

If you do not very regularly smoke or consume THC, it is likely that the average edible, even a cookie, brownie, or candy, would contain too much for you.

5. Never Mix Weed with Alcohol

Alcohol and weed are not complementary, and edibles are no exception to this rule. If you plan to try edibles, it is best to avoid alcohol for the day as it can lead to a higher probability of a bad trip.

Moreover, you may not be able to distinguish the effect of the alcohol and the THC and CBD if you take them all at the same time, which can impact your dosing in the future.

6. Know How Edibles Work

Before taking your first bite, understand that the biggest difference between inhaling cannabis and eating it is the time it takes to feel the effects.

Smoking usually produces a high within a few minutes. But, edibles can take up to two hours to have an effect.

Typically, with edibles, you will peak anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes after you consume them. This is what leads many people to eat too much before the initial dose even kicks in.

The high itself is also different when you compare the two methods. Because edibles are processed partially through the liver, a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC is produced.

Though there is little research around exactly what this form of THC feels like, versus regular THC, people have reported a much stronger psychological experience.

7. What to Do if You Take Too Much

If you are planning a cannabis edible experience, especially if you a newbie, or low tolerance individual, have a plan in the event you eat too much.

It is a good idea to have CBD-only edibles or drops nearby, as this can help combat some of the negative side effects of a high dose of THC.

It is a good idea to have a friend ready to help if you need it and to have a place to lie down to try and sleep it off.
Find the Best Edibles

With the seeming abundance of dispensaries popping up in states that weed is legal in some form, it is important to find the best quality.

Choosing any old cannabis can result in a bad or unexpected experience, which is especially hard if you are visiting an area it’s legal for a short period of time.

As well, if you aren’t familiar with the science and slang of marijuana, a dispensary can help educate you before you make the purchase.

Interested in learning more about a new and exciting way to partake in the edible craze? Visit our dispensary in Mesquite to learn more about our in-house edible products!