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Please be advised that if you do not arrive at least an hour before closing we cannot guarantee service. No children nor animals may be left unattended in vehicles on our properties.
We apologize for the long wait times, but due to demand and current circumstances, it is unavoidable. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The use of face masks is required for entry into the dispensary at this time. Please click the button below for new in-store social distancing rules and procedures.

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For Us It's More Than A Plant!

Every Harvest Tells A Story

Our people, our work ethic, and our desire to bring out the very best is what sets us apart at Deep Roots Harvest.

Everything we do is about the best. From the farm, the kitchen and the lab, to our crew members who know exactly what you need – everything we do is with the goal to be the very best.

As a result we have the best customers, and we pledge our loyalty to your tastes and your time.

The Farm

The Farm

We started our Farm to Body program as a way to share our cultivation teams passion for growing cannabis and to provide our patients transparency into where their cannabis comes from.

DRH Kitchen Helix Gummies

The Kitchen

At Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen, we strive to use natural and sustainable ingredients. You can count the number of ingredients in our products on one hand, And that’s a really good thing!

The Lab

The Lab

Deep Roots Harvest Extracts are processed with 100% Nevada grown cannabis. Quality controlled and tested to ensure a clean, consistent and potent cannabis oil.

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