Our Favorite Hybrid Strains For Kicking Off 2020

At Deep Roots Harvest, we produce Nevada grown cannabis that’s a unique experience for both our patients and recreational users. With our Farm To Body cannabis program, we grow and cultivate the cleanest cannabis in the state. Our farm produces different strains all throughout the year, including a range of excellent hybrid strains for you to enjoy.

In fact, our hybrid strains can be perfect for your New Year’s Eve party! Thanks to our clean growing process, we ensure that each strain has the maximum potency and is of premium quality. This means you get even more enjoyment out of smoking our cannabis. So, if you want to kick off your 2020 in a profounding way, then here are our favorite hybrid strains to try:

Cookies N Cream
One of our sweetest tasting hybrid strains, it boasts a THC range of between 20-25%. We think this is ideal if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain. It may help you relieve some of the pain, thanks to the euphoric effects. So, you can start the new year with a plan to alleviate your chronic pain from all your hard work from the year before.

Layer Cake
With a THC range of 18-25%, Layer Cake is a hybrid strain that might improve your mood. Some people say it helps them feel more uplifted and focused. This makes it the perfect hybrid strain to use as you try to achieve your New Years’ resolution next year. Smoke some of this to stay focused and positive while you try to hit new personal targets.

Gelato Glue
One of our more potent hybrid strains, the Gelato Glue has a THC range of 24-32% and can provide some heavy euphoria. But what makes it somewhat unique is that you can still be relatively attentive. Some of our customers say it helps them be more creative, so it can be ideal if your goals for 2020 involve coming up with new ideas.

Papaya Punch
This hybrid is definitely one to bring to the NYE party! Papaya Punch leaves you feeling very relaxed and chilled. With a THC range of 25-29%, you’ll be hit with an epic high. Pass the pre-roll around, and you’ll enter 2020 with no worries at all.

King Kong Cookies
A very pungent hybrid that may help with a range of health issues. It might provide relief for chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and a lack of appetite. King Kong Cookies has a THC range of 24-28%, and it might offer a solution to some of the issues that have been holding you back, such as anxiety, pain, and nausea. If you’re keen to get your health in order next year, then this might be the best strain for you.

The Matrix
A really strong strain that’s aimed at people who love a high THC content. The Matrix boasts a THC range of 26-30% and is one of our fastest-acting hybrid strains available. The effects come at you fast, and you’ll feel really buzzed – yet relaxed at the same time. Again, it’s one of the strains that suits your NYE party!

Golden Lemons
A more mellow blend with a THC range of 18-25%. You get a slight euphoric buzz from this one, but it can give you a good boost of energy and some creative freedom. We think it’s excellent for parties, but it can also help you with creative writing or any other creative activities that you have in mind for 2020.

Sour Banana Sherbert
This is another of our favorite hybrid strains if you’re looking to tackle some health concerns in the New Year. January is known can be a tough month due to SAD, and this strain could help relieve feelings of depression and stress. It has a THC potency of 25-30%, making it one of our stronger options.

Kicking Off 2020 in a Positive Way
All of our hybrid strains are made of 100% Nevada grown cannabis. We have both Sativa and Indica strains that come together to make up the hybrids. Indica typically has some of the relaxing effects, while Sativa is more uplifting. With a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds!

So, if you’re looking for the best hybrid strains to kick off 2020, then consider any of the ones listed above. They’re all grown locally in Nevada, and we are honored to offer you premium cannabis this year and every year after. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!