About Us

Here at Deep Roots Harvest, cannabis is more than a plant. Every harvest tells a story. We are enamored by cannabis and delighted to share it with the world.

Whether we’re in our farm, kitchen, lab or one of our 6 shops, everything we do is centered around you. Health and safety are vital, and so is providing you with an unforgettable experience. That’s why our crew members are here to listen and learn about exactly what it is you need. We’re here to tailor your journey and personalize your order. You’re in good hands in our stores.

We produce Nevada grown cannabis that’s a unique experience for both our patients and recreational users. With our Farm To Body cannabis program, we grow and cultivate the cleanest cannabis in the state. Our farm produces different strains all throughout the year, including a range of excellent hybrid strains for you to enjoy.

In fact, our hybrid strains can be perfect for your next party! Thanks to our clean growing process, we ensure that each strain has the maximum potency and is of premium quality. This means you get even more enjoyment out of smoking our cannabis. 

With locations across Nevada, we’re growing every day and prioritizing quality. Stop into one of our dispensaries today to discover in person how we’re different and why our roots run deep.
About Us Farm to Body
Farm to Body
Our experienced grow team are not only good at what they do, they truly love it.
The Lab
At Deep Roots Harvest Lab, we strive to use natural and sustainable ingredients. 
About Us Kitchen
The Kitchen
At Deep Roots Harvest Farm, we strive to bring you the very best using natural and sustainable grow methods.