Deep Roots Harvest Extracts is now offering custom blended, C02 distillate cannabis oil. Processed with 100% Nevada grown cannabis, the pure oil finishes with a high viscosity and golden tint. Quality controlled and tested to ensure a clean, consistent and potent cannabis oil.


Deep Roots Harvest Budder


Deep Roots Harvest Batter

Deep Roots Harvest Shatter

Deep Roots Harvest Extracts is now offering exceptional, custom blended distillate vape cartridges for sale in licensed Nevada Dispensaries. No PG, VG or MCT!

Deep Roots Distillate contains 100% Nevada grown and processed distillate combined with terpenes of the finest quality providing consumers with potent, flavor-packed .5g vape cartridges.

Deep Roots Harvest Palm Battery

500 MG THC Cartridge

500 MG THC Disposable

  •  Zero emulsifiers or cutting agents: PEGs (polyethylene glycols), glycerin, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) and other chemicals.
  • CCELL hardware: 510 thread cartridge, disposable vape pen
  • Cannabinoid profile: 80-95% THC
  • Available in: 500mg cartridge or disposable

Deep Roots is proud to utilize industry-leading CCell hardware for all of its’ vape cartridges, disposables, and batteries. CCell hardware boasts anticorrosion glass housing, a leak-proof ceramic mouthpiece, standard 510 threading, and elite ceramic heating elements to ensure an optimized, consistent, and enjoyable experience with each draw.  The 550 mAH Palm battery is magnetized, lightweight, and discreet!