Pre Rolls

Pre Rolls are simply cannabis joints rolled ahead of time for you. It consists of rolling paper and a small filter at the end. We pack our pre rolls with the highest quality flower to ensure you get a robust flavorful experience every time. Learn More >>
Here at Deep Roots Harvest, we use Nevada grown cannabis to create some of the cleanest cannabis around. It provides our customers with peace of mind as they know exactly where our cannabis comes from. One of our personal goals is to bring transparency to the cannabis industry. Does it make sense to put something in your body when you’re left in the dark about how it’s made? We don’t think so, which is why our Farm To Body program is unique. As the name suggests, we grow cannabis at our local cannabis grow, cultivate each strain, and then provide our patients with clean products. There are no middle-men involved, so you basically get your cannabis straight from the source. This is beneficial as it means our patients get top-quality products. Our cannabis hasn’t been tampered with by other companies, and it hasn’t had to pass through loads of hands before making it to your home.

Read on to find out how our Farm To Body program works, and why it is beneficial:

The process begins with something called cloning. The technical definition of cloning is that it’s a method of producing more plants. We cut and root a healthy shoot, which creates a genetic copy of the parent plant. It’s basically a form of asexual reproduction as we can take plants and multiply the strain as much as we want.

From here, we enter the vegetation stage. We have a controlled environment that provides eighteen hours of light and six hours of darkness. All of our plants are placed in here during their early stages. The whole idea of this stage is to strengthen the roots of each plant. This is necessary if you want your marijuana plants to grow big and tall. By providing a controlled environment, we ensure that each plant has access to the ideal growing conditions.

In the same controlled environment, we enter the flowering stage. This is a vital phase as it’s when the marijuana plant begins to really grow. Here, we typically see each plant double or triple in size. To achieve this, we alter the settings of the controlled environment. Instead of eighteen hours of light and six hours of darkness, we shift it to twelve hours of each. We call this the flowering phase because it’s when the cannabis plants start to flower – or bud. The duration of this phase can vary depending on what strain of marijuana we’re growing.

Before we harvest the plants, we have two vital things to do. The first is called flushing. Here, we use water to remove any nutrients that are ingrained in the soil. We do this to keep the soil as clean as possible and wash out anything that’s in there. You might think this seems strange as nutrients are surely a good thing. Well, by providing our cannabis plants with clean soil it enhances the flavor profiles of each individual plant. Furthermore, we find that it can help make the cannabis much smoother when you take it into your body.

When the leaves of our marijuana plants start to turn pale, we know there’s around a week before harvesting should take place. So, we start trimming away all the large leaves and get rid of some of the leaf tips that are close to the buds. The precise trimming process can be different for some plants, but we make sure it’s done before the harvest.

After this, we carefully trim the leaves that aren’t connected to the buds before moving onto the ones that are. We use the utmost precision and delicacy to ensure that none of the buds are harmed during the harvest.

For three-to-seven days, we let the marijuana buds dry naturally while protecting them against mold. We hang them upside down for the best results, and it slowly dries each bud out. Now, they’re ready for curing.

This is essentially the last step in the harvesting process. We take the dried buds from their racks and put them into separate barrels. Here, they almost mature inside the container. This can be thought of as the same thing that happens to aging wine. The flavor enhances the longer it’s in there. The same happens with our cannabis, we can create more potent flavors and increase the shelf life of the weed.

Perhaps the most vital of all steps in our Farm To Body program. Small batches get sent off to a certified lab for testing. We ensure that every single strain meets the state requirements for Nevada grown cannabis. During the testing process, we make a note of all of our findings and can provide customers with precise details on what’s in their weed. So, whenever someone buys from us, they know what they’re getting.

Packaging & Distribution
Finally, we package all of our cannabis products in childproof packaging. They’re vacuum packed and sealed with nitrogen to remove any traces of oxygen and to keep your Deep Roots Harvest cannabis fresh. Each bag is also protected from heat or moisture, which further ensures our products reach you in the best possible condition.

Then, we distribute our products to our customers. To keep things as fresh as can be, we pack and ship every order by hand. Each product gets taken straight from our facility to dispensaries across Nevada. There you have it, that’s the entire Farm To Body program in written form. We bring fresh cannabis to the people of Nevada, with everything grown locally. Our cultivation process helps to ensure the best quality products for more potency and a longer shelf-life. So, if you’re looking for cannabis that’s free from contaminants and grown at a local grow, then make sure you choose Deep Roots Harvest.