Dive Into Infused Prerolls

Infused prerolls include cannabis concentrates, such as crumble, diamonds, or wax to create a more potent product. “The infused flower blend typically creates a more intense experience for the consumer,” said Staci Martinez, Extraction Supervisor at Deep Roots Harvest. With a higher THC percentage, the popularity of infused prerolls continues to soar among cannabis consumers. Here’s everything you need to know about this convenient and powerful product.

Make sure you’re being mindful about the THC percentage in each infused product you try. The concentrate and flower separately contribute to the potency of the preroll.


Who Should Use Infused Prerolls?

Infused prerolls are great for consumers who enjoy the experience and convenience of prerolls, while desiring an extra potent punch. They’re also an easy way of consuming concentrates, as they don’t require specific tools for consumption like dab rigs. “Infused prerolls are the best of both worlds. They perfectly capture the true essence of the plant like your traditional preroll but present higher THC percentages, which allows users to consume less and still experience the great effects of cannabis,” Martinez said.


How Are Infused Prerolls Made?

Most often, solid concentrates, such as kief, are added to the flower before rolling it into a cone. However, some products infuse the cone or rolling paper itself, saturating it in cannabis oil distillate, before rolling it around flower. Because of the array of concentrates available, infused preroll variations are plentiful as well.

“Our infused flower blends contain a mixture of high-quality cannabis flower and concentrates of many forms, concentrated from fresh, frozen, and cured cannabis,” Martinez said. “Once these materials are properly homogenized for batch consistency, cones are filled and double weighed for accuracy.”

“Concentrate forms used in Firebirds include crumble, honeycomb, and THCa Diamonds. They’re unique because of the large strain library and the quality of the flower and concentrates. Cannabis for Firebirds is hand selected from each harvest, so we know we’re only using the highest-quality raw material. We have just over 15 active strains in our cultivation facility. Consumers will always have a variety of choices.”


Understanding The Dosage On Infused Prerolls

The THC percentage in infused prerolls is highly variable because it includes flower as well as different amounts of concentrates. The THC percentage in noninfused prerolls is usually 16-24% whereas infused prerolls can be anywhere from 25-50%. “Infused prerolls should be used cautiously by the consumer. The intense effects produced by the infused flower in comparison to a traditional preroll can be overwhelming for inexperienced users. We recommend infused prerolls for experienced users,” Martinez said.