Natural Cannabis Edibles From The Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen

Cannabis edibles are all the rage as consumers look for alternative ways of consuming cannabis. You might be in a public place, or you don’t like smoking. Either way, natural edibles are the perfect solution.

Deep Roots Harvest is committed to offering innovated cannabis solutions to patients throughout Nevada. With our freshly grown marijuana, we can create some of Nevada’s best edibles. We use natural and sustainable ingredients to ensure that each product doesn’t just taste amazing, but won’t damage the environment to make them. As of right now, the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen is cooking up three main edible varieties. Each one is made with slightly different ingredients, but they’re all delicious and packed full of 100% Nevada grown cannabis oil.

Chillers are a sweet lozenge that can be enjoyed while melting in your mouth. They’re made in the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen by combing a range of natural ingredients. This includes filtered water, cannabis oil, flavor, sugar and corn syrup.

There’s a concentrated dose of 100 mg of THC per container of Chillers – and each container has 10 lozenges inside.

Chillers are an excellent cannabis edible if you want something that lasts longer than a chewy sweet. Also, they’re made with 100% vegan ingredients. This makes them one of the few vegan options on the market at the moment. They’re currently available in a variety of flavors, including lemon, mango, pomegranate, watermelon, and grape.  We have seasonal flavors of butterscotch and orange creamsicle.

Helix Gummies
Gummies have always been one of the most popular cannabis edibles around. The Helix Gummies from the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen combine great ingredients with a phenomenal taste. Texture-wise, these edibles have an exterior flavor coating with a soft gummy interior. You can chew on them as you please, and each bag has around 100 mg of THC in it.

Again, this product calls upon 100% sustainable cannabis oil as one of the key ingredients. We use natural flavorings in all of our products, and these gummies are made with grass-fed local gelatin. This ensures that they’re of the highest quality and provide a soft and chewy product for the customer.

Helix gummies undergo extensive lab testing to ensure they meet the state requirements for cannabis edibles. These cannabis edibles are available in sour cherry, key lime, blood orange, freestone peach, and sour blue raspberry flavors.

Cheeba Chews
The Cheeba Chews are known for their incredible flavors and wonderful texture. The team in the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen has been cooking these up for years. Essentially, they’re the cannabis equivalent of chocolate taffy. We’ve worked hard to get the right consistency in each chew, making it feel like you’re eating one of your childhood favorite treats.

You have a few different varieties to choose from here. Some of the chews are hybrid, while others are sativa or indica. So, depending on your preference, you can choose an edible that suits your needs. These chews are very low in calories, and they all include Nevada grown cannabis as an ingredient.

Why Buy Cannabis Edibles?
There’s a massive gap in the market for cannabis and CBD edibles. Many individuals don’t like the thought of smoking cannabis, yet realize the potential benefits that it can bring to you. As such, an edible is a perfect solution.

Edibles are also far more discreet, so you can take them without anybody noticing or making a big deal out of it. Plus, they taste really nice too. It’s like eating your favorite sweets, but you still get enjoy the possible medicinal benefits that both CBD and THC might provide.

Why Choose Edibles From The Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen?
It’s simple, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first. We know that you want to buy something that tastes amazing and contains quality ingredients. With our Farm To Body cannabis program, we ensure that all of our marijuana is grown locally and sourced by ourselves. From here, we can take 100% natural cannabis oil from the plants, and use it with other natural ingredients to create high-quality edible products. Due to our advanced testing, we can provide accurate ingredients on every product, so you have peace of mind knowing what’s entering your mouth.

Edibles can help more people enjoy the wonders of cannabis. If you’re interested in any, then look for products from the Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen to be sure you’re getting premium cannabis products.