The Buzz About Live Resin Edibles

Live Resin is the buzzword in the cannabis industry right now, with products is ranging from infused prerolls to edibles, but what makes this ingredient so sought after? Live resin is a unique cannabis concentrate created by flash-freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvest. The production process preserves the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, which maintain the flavor, aroma and authentic effect of the whole plant.

Live Resin Chillers Gummies

The new and improved live resin Chillers Gummies have been reimagined from the chillers Lozenges for a clean, full-bodied experience with zero additives. The translucent gummies do not include coloring, making them as natrual as possible, and are made with fruit pectin, not gelatin. The come in five cocktail-inspired flavors.

What Makes Live Resin Edibles Different?

When it comes to live resin edibles, the creation process is largely the same, but the difference is the type of extract with which the edible is infused. There are several different processes for creating cannbis extracts.

Distillates are a common and highly refined extract that usually use a chemical process with dried and cured plants to create a potent, pure product. Because of the refined process, they’re often flavorless and versatile.

While there are mant benefits to distillates, live resin continues to gain popularity because it maintains so much of the live plant essence. It’s a full-spectrum extract that has a rich, flavorful profile, similar to flower, and produces a well-rounded effect because live resin holds so many qualities of the plant, you can also find live resin options based on strain, allowing for more optimized approach to extracts.

Dosing Edibles

Edibles come in different dosages. For many consumers, a high macrodose is 10 milligrams, and a low microdose is five milligrams. Edible dosing is individualized metabolize cannabis differently. Finding the appropriate dose for you often means starting small and building up.


A single Chillers gummy has five milligrams of THC – a microdose that was designed for casual tasting throughout the day or whenever the mood may strike. The lower-dose option is also helpful for consumers who prefer to build up to their desired dose and those who are still figuring out the best dosage for them. Because Chillers use live resin, each batch mat have slighlty different flavors and effects as it reflects the natrual variation in the plant itself.