New Generation, New Chill: Discover the Magic of Chillers Live Resin Gummies!

Introducing Chillers Live Resin Gummies, the next-level evolution of our beloved Chillers Lozenges. Designed for a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts, these fruit-flavored, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly edibles now boast an innovative twist with the infusion of live resin and an enticing array of cocktail-inspired flavors.

Made with utmost care, our live resin production process preserves the plant's natural essence, capturing the true components of cannabis for an authentic and unparalleled experience. Discover the captivating flavors of Apple Sangria, Cherry Amaretto, Tropical Paradise, Strawberry Mimosa, and Raspberry Tamarind.

Rediscover the Chill: Live Resin Gummies - The Ultimate Edible Upgrade!

Chillers Lozenges, the fruit-flavored, gluten-free and vegan-friendly edible that has enjoyed huge popularity with cannabis consumers, have been re-imagined for a new generation with the innovative addition of live resin and a roster of cocktail-inspired flavors. The new Chillers Live Resin Gummies are now available at Deep Roots Harvest dispensaries, as well as select cannabis retailers across Nevada.

Unlike cannabis distillate, which is created through an extensive extraction procedure, live resin production begins during the harvesting process by flash-freezing the cannabis plant immediately after it has been cut. The freezing preserves trichomes, which produce and store the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. This allows products created with extracts derived from resin to retain the true components of the plant, and provides the most authentic effects of the whole plant.

The new Chillers Live Resin Gummies feature five new flavors: Apple Sangria, Cherry Amaretto, Tropical Paradise, Strawberry Mimosa and Raspberry Tamarind. Each package contains a total of 100mg THC and zero additives, with 20 clear, translucent gummies per package at 5mg THC per piece.