A staple in Nevada, BlueBirds flower and pre-rolls have been proudly cultivated in Mesquite, Nevada, since 2015. Our team of experienced growers aims to enhance and maximize the full potential of every harvest. We consistently produce high-quality cannabis flower for our consumers. We hand trim our flower to ensure individual care is given to each product, which is then packed in our smell-proof, heat-sealed pouches to ensure fresh quality flower every time.

Have a Bluebird Day...

BlueBirds Flower has been proudly cultivated and packaged in Mesquite, Nevada since 2015. We are among the largest growers in the State of Nevada. Our team of experienced cultivators are dedicated to enhancing our environment while maximizing the full potential of every harvest. With our state-of-the-art grow system, along with our expert team of growers, we monitor conditions to create the optimal atmosphere for growing. This high-tech system allows us to produce only exceptional cannabis that has become the standard method over at our farm.

The first step in our growing process is to clone the original plant. This process is done by cutting off the branches of the mother plant. Once our clones are planted, they enter the vegetation stage. In this stage the plant develops its foliage, creating a strong root system for the pre-flowering. Next is the flowering stage, which can take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks (about 2 and a half months). The last and most essential stage is the harvesting stage, where we cut down our plants' bountiful buds. Once cut, they head over to the dry room-- a dark, cool room where the branches will be hung upside down to ensure the sap flows to the leaves, slowing down the drying process. After 5-6 days, the trimming and packaging process begins. Our team works diligently to tidy up our buds. We package loose flowers and pre-rolled joints in our odor-proof, child-resistant containers to assure fresh quality cannabis, every time.

From dazzling trichomes and flavor, to high-quality remedial effects, our most popular strains include Member Berry, which provides a unique euphoric experience, and Old School Lemons, which provides an uplifting body high with slight relaxation. These strains provide a spark to your smoking experience, which only mean good things!